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Shipping Containers as File and Record Storage

By August 26th, 2014 Uncategorized 2 Comments

Those familiar with the structure and form behind the shipping container know that its high levels of security, durability, and safety are ideal for any type of storage. However, most people don’t think about shipping containers as file and record storage.

While many people let hefty filing cabinets take up valuable indoor office space, others are utilizing the shipping container for file and record storage. Especially when equipped with one of our reliable locking systems, the contents of your shipping container are guaranteed to stay there—neither thieves nor the worst of Mother Nature will be able to get inside.

The image of a large, empty shipping container may make you think that organization would be difficult, but don’t worry—Georgia Storage Containers offers several modification options that turn a shipping container from a cave into a storage closet you don’t mind spending some time in.


Based on the amount of file storage you are looking to accommodate, we can provide the perfect amount of shelves to make your files easy to reach. We’ll create a shelving system that works for you—plus we’ll have it completely set up prior to delivery. Additionally, if your storage needs change, then our shelves can be simply moved or adjusted to another part of the container. Our shelving systems use the interior “D” rings, so the container does not need to be further modified for them to hang up.  We can also install free standing shelves as an option.  The free standing bulk shelving systems are available in multiple configurations.

Lighting FixturesOverhead Lighting

To further improve your accessibility, we can also install electricity and lighting so you can reach those files even in window-free containers. In addition to the heightened convenience of working in a structure lit up inside, light also makes the container feel more like home. You can spend hours—if need be—inside this box without straining your eyes.


When you’re ready to hook up a container to store your precious documents, call us at (678) 829-5902 or get a quote now.


  1. Pam Quinn
    July 4th, 2017

    We are interested in a quote for a shipping container that could house 8000 medical charts – it would need lighting and shelving and climate control

  2. Ray
    July 11th, 2017

    Hello Pam,
    Thanks for your inquiry. I will have Troy Hudson contact you. He handles container modification projects for us. Hope we can help!

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