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If you need to ensure the safety and security of your items, an ISO shipping container or storage container is a great choice. Designed to withstand the rigors of international shipping, they are constructed from durable cor-ten steel and are wind and watertight. They withstand all kinds of weather and have been known to weather natural disasters with barely a scratch, keeping your items safe and secure.

However, shipping containers can be vulnerable to theft. With the right knowledge, human thieves can penetrate a container, especially if a container is kept in a low-traffic area. The doors of your shipping container are an obvious entry point for thieves, as a standard ISO shipping container comes standard with two locking handles on each door. The handles each have a clasp that leaves your lock exposed.

At Georgia Storage Containers, Inc. we know that the contents you store in your storage container can be very valuable. To that end, we have several different security accessories available for rent or purchase to ensure that your container’s valuable items will stay safe and sound.


Lock BoxA Lock Box is a steel box that is welded directly to the doors of the shipping container.

The padlock is placed inside the Lock Box, hiding it from sight and protecting it from being removed with bolt cutters. We fabricate all of our Lock Boxes in our shop and our entire rental fleet comes standard with a Lock Box pre-installed at no extra charge



Standard PadlockOur standard padlock is a padlock with a long shank. The longer shank makes it the perfect thing to use with our Lock Box. The longer shank is much easier to use with our Lock Box than a standard padlock with a shorter shank. Every standard padlock is available with two keys.



Security PadlockIf you decide that a Lock Box is not for you, then our security padlock (also known as a Disc lock) is for you. Our security padlock is much better suited to being left exposed because it has a very small shank that turns inside the actual body of the lock. It won’t fit inside our Lock Box, but are perfect when placed on the clasp of the locking handles. Each security padlock is available with two keys.



Cargo Door Lock Georgia Storage ContainersIf you need to secure your valuable items in a low-traffic area then our Heavy Duty Cargo Door Lock(manufactured by The Equipment Lock Company™) is for you! Made of heavy-duty steel tubing, our Heavy Duty Cargo Door Lock is a two piece lock that clamps over the locking rods on the container doors. All of our Heavy Duty Cargo Door Locks come with two keys and is available for rent or purchase.


At Georgia Storage Containers, Inc. we are proud to offer a wide variety of shipping containers, easy access modular rentals, and storage trailers for rent. Whatever your needs, we have the perfect solution for you. Our shipping containers and storage trailers are available for rent in lengths from 10ft to 53ft.


Call Georgia Storage Containers, Inc. at (678) 829-5902 or fill out a simple storage container form detailing your storage container needs. One of our expert storage container specialists will get back to you with pricing ASAP!


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