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Better Emergency Supply Storage with ISO Containers

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10-ContainerEver thought about what would happen in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency? Are you prepared?

Consider buying or renting a shipping container from Georgia Storage Containers, Inc. for all of your emergency supply storage needs.

You’ve seen how shipping containers have been used in the aftermath of natural disasters and other emergencies, most notably providing housing after the fact or used as a facility for providing medical services.

  Why not use a shipping container or storage container for what it was designed for? Storage!

Shipping containers and storage containers are the perfect solution when you need secure storage for your emergency supplies.

Semergencysupplystoragehipping containers and storage containers are inherently designed to be durable. They are specifically engineered to withstand the rigors of the shipping process and can withstand extreme fluctuations in temperature and can withstand large amounts of weight. All of our shipping containers are wind and watertight and are highly resistant to rodents and tampering.

Why take up valuable space in your home, business, or warehouse storing emergency supplies? A shipping container or storage container can be placed at your site.  They are a safe, secure, and efficient way to keep all of your emergency supplies in one protected place.


Using shipping containers or storage containers for emergency supply storage is appropriate for whatever volume of emergency supply storage that you need. Whether your needs are that of a private individual, small or large business, or public sector institution such as a hospital or school…Georgia Storage Containers, Inc. can help you.

Georgia Storage Containers, Inc. has shipping containers and storage containers available in 10 ft, 20 ft, 40 ft, 45 ft, 48 ft, and 53 ft lengths.

If your emergency supply needs include having a space that can function as temporary housing, a distribution center, or office space consider customizing your shipping container. We can add  lighting and electrical wiring that could be hooked up to a generator or simply add an extra door or two.

At Georgia Storage Containers, Inc. we help you to find the very best in portable storage. Whatever your unique needs, we will work with you to find the very best option. Have more questions? Give us a call at (678) 829-5902 or simply request an online quote. A sales representative is standing by!

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