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Storage Containers For Farming and Agriculture

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Georgia Farm Storage

Repurposed shipping containers are perfect for on-site storage.  Did you know that they are great for agricultural and farming storage as well? Georgia Storage Containers (GSC) provides modified shipping containers to Georgia landowners and agricultural farmers.  The modified containers can accommodate a multitude of rural and farm storage needs.  The storage containers can be utilized for any of the following purposes: nursery, garden, farm, agricultural, ranch or livestock supplies.

Storage containers are essential to farms that use them for excess harvest storage, farming equipment storage and livestock feed storage.  The containers can even be modified for use as temporary housing for seasonal or part time staff.

Some of the specific agricultural industries that may be in need of storage are:

  • Peanut Farmers
  • Chicken & Poultry farming
  • Cotton Farming
  • Tobacco Farms
  • Peaches, Apples, Grapes
  • Soybeans Farmers
  • Pumpkin Farms
  • Beef Cattle, Dairy Cows, Hogs, etc.

Farming Machinery Equipment Storage – It’s probably safe to say that your farming and agriculture tools and machinery are the backbone of your livelihood.  Placing those items in a storage container will keep them safe from thieves, rain storms and harsh winter conditions. On-site storage containers are comprised of corrugated steel panels, have strong weather resistant bodies and can easily be moved on-site.

Harvest and Feed Storage Needs – Don’t have a place to store your excess harvest and livestock feed?  One of the biggest benefits of storage containers is that they are wind & watertight.  They can easily protect your valuable inventory from the elements, offering a dry environment free from insects and bothersome rodents.

Temporary Housing – Don’t have anywhere to house part time or seasonal workers?  Cargo containers can easily be modified and customized to serve as on-site temporary housing.  They can be customized with man doors, air conditioning and/or electricity and phone service can even be installed. The containerized housing will keep your part time and seasonal workers comfortable and safe during harvest time. The converted container housing can also be a substantial cost savings.  Property owners can avoid the costly expense of constructing permanent housing as the need to provide residences is not year round.

Georgia Agriculture Container Uses

  •   Many landowners and agriculture companies use our containers as farm sheds and workshops to store their machinery and other equipment.  They can also be utilized for de-cluttering the barn and other permanent structures.  Our durable and element-proof containers will keep your contents safe, secure and ready to use when needed.
  •   Conex box farm sheds can also be used as storage units to make sure harvest overflow is safe and out of the barn until it is ready to be sold and shipped.
  •   The type of equipment needed for keeping up livestock is not used year-round.  It is necessary to have adequate space in which to store portable crowding tubs or wheel corrals. If this type of equipment is taking up space that could be used for more productive machinery…using a storage container can help keep your livestock area organized.

Farm Storage-Containers For Sale

Don’t have the time or budget to build additional permanent buildings for storage on your farm? Consider using our portable onsite storage containers to cover any storage gap. We offer many different sizes ranging from 10’ and 20’ containers to 40’, 48’ and 53’ sizes. We believe your funds are best allocated in more tools, feed or other necessities that actually help bring in more revenue for your business.  Visit our quote page to get started now!

Our containers are the best in the business:

  • Rugged steel construction
  • Security doors and lock box
  • Weather resistant
  • Marine-grade laminated wood flooring
  • In addition to custom paint jobs…we can also add windows, skylights, partitions, shelves, turbine vents or roll up doors.

If on-site storage containers sound like they would help solve some of your farming, agriculture storage and housing needs…let Georgia Storage Containers help your business find the right container solution.  Give us a call (678) 829-5902 or fill out a simple storage container form detailing your storage container needs. One of our qualified storage container experts will get back to you with pricing.

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