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Storage Containers: Secret Weapon for the Auto Industry

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Shipping containers carry cars, trucks, and other automobiles across the ocean from manufacturers to consumers – but their usefulness doesn’t have to end there. At Georgia Storage Containers, Inc. (GSC), we find that shipping containers | storage containers are the auto industry’s secret weapon.


Whether your automotive business is small or large, renting a shipping container could be the very best decision that you make for your automotive business. Shipping containers | storage containers are safe, secure, and durable – just what you need if you are storing auto parts, tires, absorbents, antifreeze, oil barrels, tools, or even entire vehicles.


Worried that your portable storage won’t hold up the rigors of the automotive industry? Have no fear– shipping containers are designed to withstand the rigors of international shipping. If your shipping container | storage container has survived the open ocean, loading and unloading at multiple ports, and the container depot before making its way to you; then it can handle anything that the automotive industry can throw at it. Every shipping container is built from cor-ten steel and has a specially treated marine-grade plywood floor.


Shipping containers are the automotive industry’s secret weapon in large part due to their flexibility. When you rent a storage container from Georgia Storage Containers, Inc. you only have it as long as you need it. We are typically able to deliver a container in within a few days (possibly even next day) and will pick up your container when you’re done with it – no hassle and no fuss!

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At GSC, shipping containers | storage containers are the superior choice because they come in a variety of lengths and conditions to suit any budget or site constraints. We have shipping containers available in lengths from 10ft to 53ft.


If you’re in the automotive industry, you know that automotive tools and parts are vulnerable to theft. Luckily for you, shipping containers are one of the most secure options on the market. Designed with function over form, every shipping container that we rent is made from 14-gauge cor-teen steel, is wind and watertight, has only one access point (the container doors themselves). For added security, GSC has a number of security accessories and locks.

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