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Seasonal Storage Tips

By June 9th, 2016 Creative Uses No Comments

20-ContainerCreate a rotating schedule- This does not have to be a strict schedule. You can add or take out items at your leisurely pace and make a schedule that’s convenient for you. It is a good idea to create a schedule where seasonal items are being put into and taken out of the container. For example, the month of June would be a great month to make the switch, store the winter equipment and take out the summer stuff.

Reclaim you space- Take back the space in your garage. Nobody wants to park their car outside. Your car is vulnerable to theft, bad weather conditions, and even at risk for being covered in bird poop or other grime. Clear out the garage and put all your seasonal items into a storage container.

Protect your things- When items are left outside they will become damaged quickly because of unpredictable weather conditions. For example, patio furniture left out in the rain will lose the aesthetic appeal and become all mildewy. Storing seasonal items in a container will ensure protection of items that you only use for a couple of months throughout the year.

Spring cleaning made simple- When the rain just won’t go away and you are spending more time in your home, clutter begins to accumulate. Seasonal clothes and other belongings are taking over your closets and drawers. Clear out the unused clutter into storage container. The transition from winter to spring is a great time to organize your home. Time for spring cleaning!

Store Seasonal items- Do you still have that fake Christmas tree up from 6 months ago? Or maybe you still have your lights up? There is no need to have decorations sitting around for holidays that have already passed by. Time to get the holiday stuff out of the house and into a storage container. Put away seasonal sports equipment such as skis, snowboards, kayaks, jet skis, and other large equipment as well. A storage container will guarantee safekeeping of seasonal equipment when they are not being used. 


Georgia Storage Containers can help you clear up the clutter taking over your life. Do you see clutter building up in your home? Is your car parked outside because your garage is too full? GSC can help determine which container options are best for your seasonal storage plan. Give us a call at  (678) 829-5902 and speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives or complete an online quote.


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