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Rent a Portable Storage Container During the Holiday Season

By October 29th, 2013 Creative Uses No Comments

holiday storage containers

Are you a retailer that has an overstock of holiday inventory or do you offer a “Layaway” program? If so, you may want to consider renting portable storage containers.

The holiday season is right around the corner. As retailers nationwide prepare for the chaotic push to reach record sales, the portable storage industry awaits its entry into easing the chaos.

At this time each year, retailers strategize on marketing campaigns and promotions that will increase sales. One of the strategies that is most beneficial to the consumer, is the “Layaway” program. This program allows the consumer to claim an item and purchase the item over several payments. What this means for Walmart, Toys R Us, Sears and other top retailers offering this program, is a high increase in divided inventory. Each item with a partial payment needs to be inventoried separate from the typical inventory on hand. While retailers may find this to be a headache, the local portable storage industry sees this as an opportunity to help retailers and consumers come up with a portable storage solution that will get everyone through the holiday season.

Although not all retailers offer a “Layaway” program, this does not mean that the services of a local portable storage provider are not needed. With portable storage being efficient, affordable, and secure, it’s a no brainer solution to most retailers high inventory dilemma. Storage containers are readily available, quickly delivered and quickly picked up. They are a temporary solution to a temporary problem. Storage containers give retailers the ability to scale their needs based on the demand each holiday season provides.

In addition to being a problem solver of divided inventory, the portable storage solution is a solution to the general high inventory season. Any CEO, small business owner or store manager understands the importance of controlling their inventory. A business owner’s worst nightmare is to run out of stock of an item on the shelf; especially while consumers are in the store wanting to purchase those items. Another dreadful scenario could occur when stocked items need to be replenished and you don’t know where the overstock is stored. During the busy holiday season, it is vital to properly store your inventory and have it accessible to conveniently be restocked. Portable storage containers kept in the business’s parking lot or behind the warehouse allow inventory to be properly kept, cataloged and easily accessed to restock.

The busy holiday season is quickly approaching for retailers. If you’re a retailer that has an excess of holiday inventory or you offer a “Layaway” program, a portable storage container could be the answer for you. Consider contacting Georgia Storage Containers and let us help you ease some of the stress during this very busy season.

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