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New Stadium Construction – Jobsite Storage

By December 20th, 2016 Creative Uses No Comments

The Mercedes-Benz stadium is currently under construction and will be the future home of the Atlanta Falcons. They are confident that the $1.5 billion stadium will open by June 1, 2017. It will be the only stadium in the United States to be LEED certified at the platinum level.


However, there have been many setbacks that have threatened the timetable of the stadium opening on time. The complexity of the steel structure for the roof has caused some problems for the construction team. Pieces of the large, eight-piece retractable roof are continuing to go up with careful mechanization to ensure it opens flawlessly. Not to mention, crews struggled to stay on pace pouring the concrete for the superstructure of the stadium. The main delay is a result of the design process for the steel structure that will support the stadium’s complex retractable roof.

As with many large-scale construction projects, setbacks due to poor weather conditions, changes to the structure, availability of materials, and other unforeseen delays are common occurrences. If your construction team is critically falling behind in a big project, make the job a little easier with shipping containers. Unforeseen delays could put a kink in your timeline. Be prepared and organized to help your team get back on track.


Ensure that your materials and equipment are secure and increase productivity and efficiency at your job site. Keeping your equipment and tools on-site in a container makes those items easily accessible. Georgia Storage Containers offers storage containers in varying sizes, ranging from 10 ft to 53 ft in length. Keep your tools and equipment safe from the elements and thieves. Make sure your site is complying with government regulations for safety, providing an organized and clean environment for workers.

Georgia Storage Containers (through our parent company, Container Technology) also offers mobile offices and can modify a container to meet your needs. Having an office container on-site will promote productivity and save your workers travel time. Instead of traveling to other locations, meetings can be held on-site to maximize efficiency.


On-site Storage Applications:

  • Secure equipment, materials, and tools
  • Store excess inventory
  • Protect items from weather and unwanted guests
  • Stay organized and keep workers safe
  • Maximize efficiency to complete jobs on time
  • Stay on budget
  • Eliminate the need to travel to off-site facilities

  • Contact Georgia Storage Containers today for all your job site and construction storage needs. Give us a call today to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members. Our local Atlanta number is (678) 902-9525. You can also complete an online quote request and one of us will get back to you with the information you requested.

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