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Back to School With Storage Containers

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Another school year is up20' Container Leaseon us. Many children and young adults are heading back to school this month. Teachers and administrators are preparing lesson plans to further the education of their students. Many schools are either under construction or trying to complete projects before the new school year. Summertime is ideal to complete renovations or start new construction projects, however as the school year quickly approaches, many schools are in a race against time to get the projects complete. In the event a school does not complete construction in time, a temporary on-site storage solution will be necessary.

Storage containers are ideal for short-term and long-term projects because of their mobility and flexibility. Storage containers provide a safe and secure place for teachers and administrators to store teaching supplies, computers, equipment, desks, and other materials. No need to haul everything to another facility and then have to haul it all back after a few months. On-site storage is convenient and hassle free, teachers and administrators can move items back into their classroom at the their own pace. Portable storage provides an alternative for teachers and administrators to safely store valuable supplies. Construction might force some areas of the school to be closed, which means indoor storage facilities may be temporarily converted into classrooms.

Storage containers are great for storage of items that might not get used on a daily basis, such as PE equipment, art supplies, science experiments, theater costumes and props, and other miscellaneous items. There is always a need to store equipment that is too large to store inside, such as extra chairs and tables, seasonal sports equipment, and even janitorial supplies. Storage containers are the perfect storage solution for a school environment because they are practical, secure, durable, and affordable.

School Applications:

Equipment Storage Shed – Containers can be placed near the athletic field, gym, or locker rooms for easy accessibility, convenience, and safety. Storage containers are customizable and can even be painted in your school colors. Your equipment will also be safe, secure, and out of harm’s way. Containers can also be converted into locker rooms or computer labs with some modifications done. Storage containers are great if you are on a tight budget but space is limited or runs out.

General Storage – Great for storing bulk supplies such a paper, paper towels, toilet paper, books, paint, arts and craft supplies, records, files, or other important documents. Unused furniture can also be stored safely and out of the way.

Classroom Overflow – Schools that have been closed are re-opening because of the overflow of children entering the school system. Overcrowded classrooms are becoming a trend that affects both the students and teachers negatively. Students do not get the one-on-one direction, teachers are stressed, and no personal connection is made between the student and teacher. By creating classrooms out of storage containers, you can reduce the number of students in each classroom and create a more productive environment. Students can actually get the adequate resources they need to succeed. Students can learn in a comfortable environment without have to be crammed in and ignored. A modified storage container is an affordable solution for schools looking for more space or to expand.

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