Call Us: Atlanta (678) 829-5902

Call Us: Atlanta (678) 829-5902

53ft Storage Container Rental | 53ft Portable Storage Rental

Our 53’ Storage Containers are a “super-sized” version of a 40’ container and are the largest in our rental fleet. They look and are constructed just like our 48ft containers; however they provide even more interior storage space. They are constructed of corrugated steel panels and have 1-1/8” hardwood flooring. They have lockable double doors on one end that come standard with our “easy open” door handle, as well as a high security lock box. The 53ft storage containers are a ½’ wider and 1’ taller than 40ft containers. Our 53ft storage containers offer an astounding 55% more interior storage space than a 40ft container. If you have the necessary space available, one of our massive 53ft containers could be the perfect solution for your “on-site” storage needs.

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  • Ground Level Access
  • Secure & Water Tight
  • High Security Lock Box
  • All Steel Construction
  • Easy Open Door Handle
  • Delivered to Your Site
  • Portable – Move As Needed
  • ½ ft Wider & 1 ft Taller Than Standard Containers

Available Sizes:

Typical Dimensions
Exterior Interior Door Opening
Length Width Height Length Width Height Width Height
53′ Container 53′ 8’6″ 9’6′” 52′ 5″ 8’2″ 8′ 11″ 8’2″ 8′ 10″
Typical Weights / Capacity
Cubic Capacity Tare Weight Max Gross Max Payload
53′ Container 3857 cu. ft. 11,110 67,200 56,090