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How to Open and Close Shipping Container Doors

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Whether using shipping containers for sale or a shipping container rental, knowing the proper way to open and close the doors is important. Understanding how the doors are built and a couple key steps to opening them will help. If the shipping container hasn’t arrived yet, preparing the location of the unit will avoid a ton of headaches. 

Level Land is Key

Before the storage container arrives, make sure the land is level. If the unit is dropped on an uneven surface, you’ll probably still be able to open the doors. However, closing them could be very difficult or not possible at all.  Placing a shipping container on a level, hard-packed surface like concrete, asphalt or gravel is ideal. If dropping a unit on grass or dirt, level that area as much as possible. Wood blocks under the container are always a good solution if you must place a container on uneven land. You may only need to level or shim up a corner(s) by an inch or two.

Before opening the doors, look at the black rubber gasket/seal around the perimeter of each door. That black line should be straight across the top. If one side is higher than the other, the container is most likely unlevel or “racked.” If the gasket is lined up, the shipping container is probably level and the doors should open and close without issues.

Steps to Open

Shipping container sizes can vary and operating the doors of a shipping container may seem easy.  However, injuries can occur when people use wrong techniques. 

Open the right-hand door first and follow these 3 steps:

  1. Rotate and lift the handle hinges upward. Pull the handles up, then rotate them out and towards you or away from you (depending on the container) so they are perpendicular to the face of the door.
  2. This rotates the long vertical silver poles called locking rods that are attached to both handles and the cam keepers.
  3. The cam keepers lock the top and bottom of the doors. Rotating the handle disengages those keepers and breaks the seal. The doors are now ready to open…simply pull. 

With some practice, opening a shipping container door becomes easier. 

Common Problems

Uneven surface, rusted door seals, torn or damaged gaskets, and uneven distribution of stored items are issues that can cause difficulty opening and closing doors.

When loading a container, pay attention to how the load is distributed throughout the container.  If the doors are difficult to close after the container is loaded, check how the stored items are distributed and move some items around to prevent any potential issues.

If the stored items are evenly distributed and you are still having trouble with the doors, check the corners of the container. Corners sinking in grass or dirt are a common problem when extra weight is added. In this case, shim up those corners until the container is level again. 

Depending on the condition of the unit, a shipping container may have some wear and tear from traveling around the world or withstanding extreme weather. Rust or warping of doors and lockrods may cause the container frame to be racked, preventing the gears from working correctly. 

If you would like to speak with us one on one, a container specialist is standing by to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to call us today at (678) 829-5902 or complete an online quote request.

Shipping Container Delivery Guide

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At Georgia Storage Containers, Inc., we have over 75 years of combined experience working in the portable storage industry. We’ve seen and done it all!

You might think that the hardest part of renting a storage container is deciding what size of shipping container is best for you and your needs. But successful delivery of your storage container or containers can actually be the most difficult part. To address the common problems that we run into, we’ve put together this delivery guide.

Before you decide to rent a storage container, shipping container, or “easy access” modular rental from Georgia Storage Containers, make sure that you know the three things that are key to a successful delivery.


Imagine getting your rental storage container delivered, loaded up to the brim with your valuable items, and then receiving a call from the city or county, that it’s not allowed.

Before you spend any of your hard-earned money renting a shipping container, it is important to research if there are any regulations or restrictions for storage containers in your city, county, or homeowners association.

16ft-easy-access-modular-containerMost municipalities, counties, and associations allow storage containers. However, it’s a good idea to make sure you are not in violation of any regulations.

If a shipping container is not allowed, we also offer smooth sided “easy access” modular units as well. They have a roll up door and are similar to the PODS™ containers.


One of the most important steps to complete before ordering your shipping container is making sure that the site where you wish to place your container is suitable.

Level Surface

20-ContainerOnce delivered, shipping containers | storage containers sit in direct contact with the ground. While you can place your shipping container on almost any surface, choosing a level site with adequate drainage allows you to get the most from your storage container. Placing your container on a site that is not level and does not have adequate drainage can lead to problems opening and closing your container’s cargo doors.

However, your site does not need to be perfectly level. Our delivery drivers carry small pieces of 1” x 2” pressure treated wood and a jack. They will check the doors before leaving and are able to shim up a corner if necessary.

If the storage container is not sitting on a concrete or paved surface, additional re-leveling of the container may be needed over time. For containers sitting directly on the ground (grass or dirt surfaces), we recommend that the container be placed on landscape timbers or railroad ties. Doing so, will aid in preventing the corners of the container from sinking or settling into the ground over time.

Adequate Space for Delivery

Locations that do not have adequate space for delivery can create major issues for our drivers. In rare cases, if the space on-site is not adequate to deliver your storage container, we may not be able to drop the container exactly where you want it. Before you place an order for a shipping container or storage container, take a look at your intended container location and make sure that our delivery driver has enough space to maneuver at your location.

Due to the nature of the delivery process, every delivery site MUST HAVE at least 15 ft of overhead clearance and at minimum 2X the length of the container in a straight line.

When a container is delivered, the delivery driver will set one end of the container on the ground and pull out from underneath the container. The storage container and the delivery truck/trailer will be in one long straight line as he does so. For a better idea of this process, take a look at this video produced by the National Portable Storage Association.

Depending on the size of the shipping container you select, your container will be delivered on a small roll-back truck or a tilt bed trailer. At Georgia Storage Containers, Inc., we strongly recommend that your intended site meets, at minimum, the requirements below. For a successful delivery:

  • A 20 ft Storage Container requires 15ft of overhead clearance and approx. 50-60ft of space in a straight drive
  • A 40 ft Storage Container requires 15ft of overhead clearance and approx. 80-100ft of space in a straight drive
  • A 48 ft or 53 ft Storage Container requires 15ft of overhead clearance and approx. 100-125ft of space in a straight drive


45HC-Container-325x325When a shipping container is delivered, the delivery driver sets one of the short ends of the shipping container on the ground and drives out from underneath the container. Together the shipping container and the delivery truck make one long straight line during this process.

Standard shipping containers are built with one set of double cargo doors located on one of the short sides of the container. When the container is loaded on a truck or trailer for delivery, it can be loaded with those doors facing toward the driver’s cab or facing towards the rear of the truck/trailer. If the doors are facing the driver’s cab, the doors will touch the ground last. If the doors are facing the rear, the doors will touch the ground first.

The direction of doors when the container is loaded, determine how the doors will be positioned on-site and how you have access to your items.


At Georgia Storage Containers, Inc., we are proud to offer a wide variety of shipping containers, “easy-access” modular rentals, and storage trailers for rent. Whatever your needs, we have the perfect solution for you. Our units are available for rent in lengths from 10 ft to 53 ft. We have over 25 years in the container rental industry and understand your storage requirements. If you would like to speak with us one on one, a container specialist is standing by to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to call us today at (678) 829-5902 or complete an online quote request.


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If you need to ensure the safety and security of your items, an ISO shipping container or storage container is a great choice. Designed to withstand the rigors of international shipping, they are constructed from durable cor-ten steel and are wind and watertight. They withstand all kinds of weather and have been known to weather natural disasters with barely a scratch, keeping your items safe and secure.

However, shipping containers can be vulnerable to theft. With the right knowledge, human thieves can penetrate a container, especially if a container is kept in a low-traffic area. The doors of your shipping container are an obvious entry point for thieves, as a standard ISO shipping container comes standard with two locking handles on each door. The handles each have a clasp that leaves your lock exposed.

At Georgia Storage Containers, Inc. we know that the contents you store in your storage container can be very valuable. To that end, we have several different security accessories available for rent or purchase to ensure that your container’s valuable items will stay safe and sound.


Lock BoxA Lock Box is a steel box that is welded directly to the doors of the shipping container.

The padlock is placed inside the Lock Box, hiding it from sight and protecting it from being removed with bolt cutters. We fabricate all of our Lock Boxes in our shop and our entire rental fleet comes standard with a Lock Box pre-installed at no extra charge



Standard PadlockOur standard padlock is a padlock with a long shank. The longer shank makes it the perfect thing to use with our Lock Box. The longer shank is much easier to use with our Lock Box than a standard padlock with a shorter shank. Every standard padlock is available with two keys.



Security PadlockIf you decide that a Lock Box is not for you, then our security padlock (also known as a Disc lock) is for you. Our security padlock is much better suited to being left exposed because it has a very small shank that turns inside the actual body of the lock. It won’t fit inside our Lock Box, but are perfect when placed on the clasp of the locking handles. Each security padlock is available with two keys.



Cargo Door Lock Georgia Storage ContainersIf you need to secure your valuable items in a low-traffic area then our Heavy Duty Cargo Door Lock(manufactured by The Equipment Lock Company™) is for you! Made of heavy-duty steel tubing, our Heavy Duty Cargo Door Lock is a two piece lock that clamps over the locking rods on the container doors. All of our Heavy Duty Cargo Door Locks come with two keys and is available for rent or purchase.


At Georgia Storage Containers, Inc. we are proud to offer a wide variety of shipping containers, easy access modular rentals, and storage trailers for rent. Whatever your needs, we have the perfect solution for you. Our shipping containers and storage trailers are available for rent in lengths from 10ft to 53ft.


Call Georgia Storage Containers, Inc. at (678) 829-5902 or fill out a simple storage container form detailing your storage container needs. One of our expert storage container specialists will get back to you with pricing ASAP!


Better Emergency Supply Storage with ISO Containers

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10-ContainerEver thought about what would happen in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency? Are you prepared?

Consider buying or renting a shipping container from Georgia Storage Containers, Inc. for all of your emergency supply storage needs.

You’ve seen how shipping containers have been used in the aftermath of natural disasters and other emergencies, most notably providing housing after the fact or used as a facility for providing medical services.

  Why not use a shipping container or storage container for what it was designed for? Storage!

Shipping containers and storage containers are the perfect solution when you need secure storage for your emergency supplies.

Semergencysupplystoragehipping containers and storage containers are inherently designed to be durable. They are specifically engineered to withstand the rigors of the shipping process and can withstand extreme fluctuations in temperature and can withstand large amounts of weight. All of our shipping containers are wind and watertight and are highly resistant to rodents and tampering.

Why take up valuable space in your home, business, or warehouse storing emergency supplies? A shipping container or storage container can be placed at your site.  They are a safe, secure, and efficient way to keep all of your emergency supplies in one protected place.


Using shipping containers or storage containers for emergency supply storage is appropriate for whatever volume of emergency supply storage that you need. Whether your needs are that of a private individual, small or large business, or public sector institution such as a hospital or school…Georgia Storage Containers, Inc. can help you.

Georgia Storage Containers, Inc. has shipping containers and storage containers available in 10 ft, 20 ft, 40 ft, 45 ft, 48 ft, and 53 ft lengths.

If your emergency supply needs include having a space that can function as temporary housing, a distribution center, or office space consider customizing your shipping container. We can add  lighting and electrical wiring that could be hooked up to a generator or simply add an extra door or two.

At Georgia Storage Containers, Inc. we help you to find the very best in portable storage. Whatever your unique needs, we will work with you to find the very best option. Have more questions? Give us a call at (678) 829-5902 or simply request an online quote. A sales representative is standing by!

Shipping Containers as File and Record Storage

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Those familiar with the structure and form behind the shipping container know that its high levels of security, durability, and safety are ideal for any type of storage. However, most people don’t think about shipping containers as file and record storage.

While many people let hefty filing cabinets take up valuable indoor office space, others are utilizing the shipping container for file and record storage. Especially when equipped with one of our reliable locking systems, the contents of your shipping container are guaranteed to stay there—neither thieves nor the worst of Mother Nature will be able to get inside.

The image of a large, empty shipping container may make you think that organization would be difficult, but don’t worry—Georgia Storage Containers offers several modification options that turn a shipping container from a cave into a storage closet you don’t mind spending some time in.


Based on the amount of file storage you are looking to accommodate, we can provide the perfect amount of shelves to make your files easy to reach. We’ll create a shelving system that works for you—plus we’ll have it completely set up prior to delivery. Additionally, if your storage needs change, then our shelves can be simply moved or adjusted to another part of the container. Our shelving systems use the interior “D” rings, so the container does not need to be further modified for them to hang up.  We can also install free standing shelves as an option.  The free standing bulk shelving systems are available in multiple configurations.

Lighting FixturesOverhead Lighting

To further improve your accessibility, we can also install electricity and lighting so you can reach those files even in window-free containers. In addition to the heightened convenience of working in a structure lit up inside, light also makes the container feel more like home. You can spend hours—if need be—inside this box without straining your eyes.


When you’re ready to hook up a container to store your precious documents, call us at (678) 829-5902 or get a quote now.

Storage Containers vs. PODS®

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Whether you are moving your business, changing residences, remodeling your home or you just need additional on-site storage…you have several options in terms of deciding how you will store your items. Portable storage provider PODS® may offer storage solutions across the US, but with a little digging you’ll find smaller, local companies that may better satisfy your needs with a different product: the shipping container. Shipping containers are also very versatile, as they can be modified to fit your unique storage requirements.  Look no further than Georgia Storage Containers for the strong, secure structure you need.


Each PODS® unit is equipped with a roll-up door, making loading and unloading easier, as the door is lightweight and can roll up effortlessly. However, these features also mean that the doors may not be completely secure. Generally, roll-up doors are not 100 percent water tight or rodent proof. Unless a shipping container is modified, it will come with standard cargo doors on one end.  The doors are guaranteed to be as durable as the shipping container itself.  The cargo doors will ensure your valuables will be protected against water damage and pesky little critters (as long as the doors are closed of course). If the convenience of roll-up doors is something you are looking for, Georgia Storage Containers offers both standard galvanized steel roll-up doors and heavy-duty roll-up doors upon request.



When determining the exact storage need, you should also consider the size of the container that will work best for you.  PODS® and shipping containers vary greatly in size. Georgia Storage Containers can rent (or sell) you a container ranging in size from 10 to 53 feet long, whereas PODS® offers 7 foot, 12 foot, and 16 foot portable storage units. The sizes of PODS® are convenient for people who are moving and have a good idea of how much space their things will take up in a container, but shipping containers serve as more of a blank slate for those with unconventional or larger-scaled storage needs.


Variability in size isn’t the only way that Georgia Storage Containers’ highly customizable storage containers can be transformed to suit your needs. For starters, containers can be modified to feature the aforementioned roll-up doors. You can also choose from a steel door practical for both industrial and residential purposes, secured with a deadbolt, handle lock and overhead drip ledge. Georgia Storage Containers also offers a residential personnel door (with or without a security swing arm). Windows, skylights, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting features can be installed to turn your box into a space you don’t mind spending time in. Finally, you can utilize the storage space by equipping it with shelves and increase the already effective security of the container by adding additional locking mechanisms.


Shipping containers are made for the high seas, but shipping is hardly the only use for these containers. People have latched on to the steel resistance of shipping containers for housing purposes, retail purposes, etc—because they know that it’s a structure you can count on. You can rest assured that your things will be safe inside of a shipping container; always wind and water tight and highly secure.  No matter the weather at your location or time of year, a storage container from Georgia Storage Containers will not fail to withstand anything Mother Nature throws at it. This strength also means the container is near-impossible to break into…creating the peace of mind that your valuables are safe and secure. PODS® offer key lock systems, but a shipping container is customizable with more complicated and secure locking mechanisms to choose from.


There are upsides and downsides to working with both larger and smaller companies.  If you are looking for a regional or national moving solution, PODS® may be the answer for you.  However, in many storage situations you’ll find that working with a smaller company can lead to a more pleasurable experience. You’ll find that smaller companies will always maintain close contact with their customers, come through with delivering and picking up when they say they will and are willing to have conversations about the prices that work for you. Small companies (local to where you need your container) will also have knowledge of the laws and ordinances in your area. Their familiarity will allow them to offer you sound advice in terms of the best options for your unique storage requirements.

If you would like more information about our storage containers or have the need for additional on-site storage, contact Georgia Storage Containers for a quote today.