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To Buy or to Rent? That is the Question

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Now that you know you need a storage container or trailer, you have an important decision to make. Should you permanently make the container your own, or just rent it until you’re done?

40' Container Lease

The most important factor to consider when answering this question is the length of time you need the container.  However, depending on the nature of your use, sometimes buying makes more sense than renting and vice versa.

Buying a container gives you complete freedom with your container decisions. From sizing to insulation, our containers available for purchase give you a large variety of options to choose from. We can even provide custom-sized containers by cutting down larger ones, if your needs call for a structure sized differently than our typical offerings. And once the container is yours, you can turn it into anything you want.

Purchasing the container keeps things easy, but there are many situations in which it’s smarter and more cost-effective to rent the box.

When to rent:

Renting a container is a way to obtain top-quality storage for the time period that you need it—while avoiding upfront payments of thousands of dollars. It’s simple: the key word that separates renters and buyers is “temporary.” Renting for a short period of time is much more economical then purchasing a container.

Still unsure? You wouldn’t want to be kicking yourself later for dropping a lot of money on a container that now just takes up space on your lot. Here are some situations that would warrant a rental rather than purchase:

  • 20-ContainerYou’re remodeling your house
  • You’re moving and need to clean out your house
  • You’re doing a construction project
  • You’re unsure of the specific codes of your geographic area that might govern the long-term presence of a shipping container
  • You’re unsure of how your neighbors would react to a shipping container on your property
  • You don’t know where you would keep your container after you are done using it
  • You simply don’t know how long you will use the container

We’re happy to help you decide the options that work best for you. Call Georgia Storage Containers at (678) 829-5902 to discuss your needs with one of our sales representatives, or get a quote now.

Portable Storage Applications: PODS® vs. Storage Containers

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The need for temporary storage becomes inevitable at some point during every person or business’s lifetime. You know that you need to store items outside of your home, office, or warehouse…but where to begin? The multitude of storage options available may seem like a daunting task to sift through.  So we’ve provided a useful comparison between two of the most popular solutions out there: storage containers and PODS®.


Is a storage container for me?

Storage containers are generally available in sizes ranging in length from 10ft to 53ft. You should rent or buy a storage container if you need a large, durable structure to hold your belongings—and have room for it on-site. They are versatile enough to store just about anything from household items to farm equipment and industrial supplies to retail products.  During the time that the container is on your property, you can rest assured that nothing will get in or out of the storage container (unless you put it in there). Georgia Storage Containers even offers a variety of additional lock options and mechanisms to further increase security.  Our storage containers’ original purpose of transporting cargo on the unpredictable ocean should give you confidence of their strength. This resilience also comes in handy with the irregularity of the weather, especially during winter months.

Additionally, storage containers are probably for you if your needs require a modified storage space. If you are purchasing a container, we can equip it to be temperature-controlled, shelved, floored, and can even install custom doors windows, skylights, lighting, and electricity—details that can make long-term storage much more suited to your unique storage application.

If your space is limited, you need the unit to move your residence, or you plan on storing items at your residence (and you live a subdivision)…a storage container may not be for you.  Even though storage containers are very versatile and come in various sizes; if your property cannot accommodate a container, then you may want to consider another option or renting out off-site space.

Are PODS® for me?

PODS® are ideal for people dealing with either a residential move or residential lack of space. When renting with PODS®, you have the option to load the unit at home and have it stored in a local PODS® facility. Many people who are looking to store their belongings in off-site locations opt for PODS® as opposed to the traditional mini storage facilities.  You can also rent PODS® to assist in both local and long-distance moves, delivering your possessions from place-to-place.

This ability is desirable for anyone remodeling or moving their home because they do not have to keep their belongings on their property. However, given that these units are typically smaller than the storage containers rented by Georgia Storage Containers, some customers choose to keep the PODS® on their own property.  Unlike a shipping container, PODS® are also equipped with roll up doors.

PODS® are probably not for you if you are looking to store large and/or heavy items. Some storage applications simply demand a structure with the strength and storage capacity of a storage container.

To discuss your storage needs, feel free to contact Georgia Storage Containers by calling (678) 829-5902 today. If you know that a storage container suits your needs, get a quote right now.

Storage Containers vs. PODS®

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Whether you are moving your business, changing residences, remodeling your home or you just need additional on-site storage…you have several options in terms of deciding how you will store your items. Portable storage provider PODS® may offer storage solutions across the US, but with a little digging you’ll find smaller, local companies that may better satisfy your needs with a different product: the shipping container. Shipping containers are also very versatile, as they can be modified to fit your unique storage requirements.  Look no further than Georgia Storage Containers for the strong, secure structure you need.


Each PODS® unit is equipped with a roll-up door, making loading and unloading easier, as the door is lightweight and can roll up effortlessly. However, these features also mean that the doors may not be completely secure. Generally, roll-up doors are not 100 percent water tight or rodent proof. Unless a shipping container is modified, it will come with standard cargo doors on one end.  The doors are guaranteed to be as durable as the shipping container itself.  The cargo doors will ensure your valuables will be protected against water damage and pesky little critters (as long as the doors are closed of course). If the convenience of roll-up doors is something you are looking for, Georgia Storage Containers offers both standard galvanized steel roll-up doors and heavy-duty roll-up doors upon request.



When determining the exact storage need, you should also consider the size of the container that will work best for you.  PODS® and shipping containers vary greatly in size. Georgia Storage Containers can rent (or sell) you a container ranging in size from 10 to 53 feet long, whereas PODS® offers 7 foot, 12 foot, and 16 foot portable storage units. The sizes of PODS® are convenient for people who are moving and have a good idea of how much space their things will take up in a container, but shipping containers serve as more of a blank slate for those with unconventional or larger-scaled storage needs.


Variability in size isn’t the only way that Georgia Storage Containers’ highly customizable storage containers can be transformed to suit your needs. For starters, containers can be modified to feature the aforementioned roll-up doors. You can also choose from a steel door practical for both industrial and residential purposes, secured with a deadbolt, handle lock and overhead drip ledge. Georgia Storage Containers also offers a residential personnel door (with or without a security swing arm). Windows, skylights, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting features can be installed to turn your box into a space you don’t mind spending time in. Finally, you can utilize the storage space by equipping it with shelves and increase the already effective security of the container by adding additional locking mechanisms.


Shipping containers are made for the high seas, but shipping is hardly the only use for these containers. People have latched on to the steel resistance of shipping containers for housing purposes, retail purposes, etc—because they know that it’s a structure you can count on. You can rest assured that your things will be safe inside of a shipping container; always wind and water tight and highly secure.  No matter the weather at your location or time of year, a storage container from Georgia Storage Containers will not fail to withstand anything Mother Nature throws at it. This strength also means the container is near-impossible to break into…creating the peace of mind that your valuables are safe and secure. PODS® offer key lock systems, but a shipping container is customizable with more complicated and secure locking mechanisms to choose from.


There are upsides and downsides to working with both larger and smaller companies.  If you are looking for a regional or national moving solution, PODS® may be the answer for you.  However, in many storage situations you’ll find that working with a smaller company can lead to a more pleasurable experience. You’ll find that smaller companies will always maintain close contact with their customers, come through with delivering and picking up when they say they will and are willing to have conversations about the prices that work for you. Small companies (local to where you need your container) will also have knowledge of the laws and ordinances in your area. Their familiarity will allow them to offer you sound advice in terms of the best options for your unique storage requirements.

If you would like more information about our storage containers or have the need for additional on-site storage, contact Georgia Storage Containers for a quote today.

Commercial Construction & Residential Remodeling Storage Solutions

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Providing on-site storage in Atlanta and its vast metropolitan area, Georgia Storage Containers  is the absolute premier and affordable solution for commercial and residential construction sites.

When planning a construction project, whether commercial or residential…consider renting on-site portable storage space. A storage container is easily accessible for safe storage of materials such as high-end tools and job site clean-up equipment. It’s like having a mini warehouse right there on-site at your disposal. They are durable, weather proof and can be utilized for just about any portable storage solution. *** Simply put… THEY ARE THE WAY TO GO!

Commercial Construction Storage

Commercial construction companies should use best practices for protection of expensive equipment and inventory for operation. Our storage containers are available in multiple sizes and are ideal for protecting your assets. They provide additional space that is readily available and easily accessible for daily deliveries of small or large building materials. Our container sizes are practically unlimited. They range in size from 10’, 20’, 40’, 48’ and 53’. A portable storage container provides on-site storage for just about anything at your commercial construction site.

Residential Renovation Storage

Are you replacing a roof, building a sunroom, upgrading a kitchen or bathroom or considering a home addition? An on-site portable storage container is a great storage solution for residential renovation and remodeling projects. Georgia storage containers offer a convenient and affordable way to help you get through your project. They can be used during a remodel or renovation project to store building materials as well as your furniture and valuables. Our portable storage containers are secure and watertight…so your valuables are always protected from the elements.

Benefit Overview of Construction Site Storage Containers

Safe and Comfortable Work Environment. Containers allow you to de-clutter your space and provide a more organized work area. Store tools, equipment and materials in our heavy-gauge steel storage containers.

Secure Job Site Equipment Storage. Theft of equipment and materials are the primary cause in project timeline completion. Portable on-site storage containers provide a safe and secure place for construction job site storage. They are also watertight and will protect your materials from severe weather conditions.

Learn More About Storage Containers For Your Construction Site –

Speak personally to a representative by calling 678-829-5902 for a fast quote to rent a portable storage container or for Storage Container Sales in Georgia visit Container Technology Inc.

On-site Portable Storage Containers for Boats and Recreational Vehicles

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Storage Containers for Boats and Recreational Vehicles Renting a portable storage unit is a convenience that has only surfaced within recent years. It is now possible to store seasonal items such as boats, motorcycles, classic or collector cars, trucks, tractors or farming machinery and ATV’s.  You may also consider storing personal items when relocating during a move.  A storage container provides additional storage which homes or apartments may not posses. Even though renting a storage container is easy to do, you should always be informed before doing so. Georgia Storage Containers is happy to assist you with this task.

We offer different size storage containers depending on your needs and budget:

You can have a storage unit delivered to your home and store your items on-site. This may be particularly convenient if your storage needs are only short-term, especially for relocation.  On site portable storage doesn’t just offer solutions for storing standard items, but can also be a cost effective and secure way of storing recreational vehicles, boats or any other type of vehicle in general. This solution will suit virtually any type of recreational vehicle and is primarily used for the following:

  • Boats
  • Race cars / Classic cars
  • Trailers
  • Motor homes
  • RV’s
  • Motorcycles
  • ATV

Conduct your storage unit search with this storage solution website.  It serves to help you collect information about renting or leasing mobile shipping and storage containers. Renting or leasing is a great cost effective way of gaining access to a portable storage container without spending thousands of dollars up front.  If you are not sure how your neighbors or municipalities are going to react to the presence of your storage container, we would strongly recommend renting rather than purchasing a container. The cost of renting a container to be used for a short period of time is much more economical than purchasing your storage or shipping container. Georgia Storage Containers will also take care of delivering and picking up your unit.  You do not need to worry about finding a new home for your container if it turns out that it cannot stay on-site.  Here is a Buying versus Renting quick check point list to help answer more of your questions as to which solution is best for your needs.

Buying may work best when you:

  • Plan to keep your belongings for a long period of time
  • Do not anticipate moving it to a different location
  • Have the up-front capital to pay for the container
  • Plan on keeping your recreational toys for a long time

Renting may work best when you:

  • Do not plan on keeping your storage container for a long time
  • Anticipate needing to move from one location to another
  • Want to keep your working capital available for other things

No matter what you decide, Georgia Storage Containers will work with you to get you the storage container that fits your needs. We offer rental and sales to Atlanta and all other areas throughout the state of Georgia.

Call Georgia Storage Containers at (678) 829-5902 or fill out a simple storage container form detailing your storage container needs. One of our expert storage container specialists will get back to you with pricing.

53ft Storage Containers vs. 40ft Storage Containers

By August 7th, 2012 About Containers, Creative Uses 3 Comments
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53ft container rental for retailers

Is a 40ft storage container big enough? For businesses needing larger storage containers, a 53 foot storage unit may be a better value or fit. When making your decision, it is important to consider the amount of product you need to store, the monthly rental cost and how long you plan to keep the storage container on-site. Even though the 53’ containers are a bit more per month, the additional storage capacity they provide may be worth the monthly investment.

The 40′ containers are made from heavy duty corrugated steel panels. They have an outside dimension of 40’L x 8’W x 8’6”H. Our 40ft storage containers are an ideal long term or short term solution for additional on-site storage. They are typically used for farm equipment, commercial storage, construction equipment, retail purposes and more. If you are a smaller company the 40’ container may be suitable for all your storage needs. One of the obvious reasons for going with the 40’ storage container is the monthly rental cost.

A 53ft storage container is constructed very similarly to a 40’ container. They are considered a high cube container. High cube storage containers are 9ft 6in tall on the outside. They are 1’ ft taller than standard height containers. They are also 8ft 6in wide, making them 6in wider than regular containers as well. A 53’ cargo container will give you approximately 50% more interior storage space than a standard 40’ container.

53 ft Storage Containers – What are the advantages and Ideal Businesses

The ideal businesses that would require the 53ft containers are often times large retailers or outlet stores. Mega warehouse space retailers that have excessive amounts of inventory overflow would be ideal candidates. Some of those might include Wal-Mart, Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s, Kmart, etc. One of the biggest advantages the 53’ containers have over the 40’ storage containers is their storage capacity. You can fit two pallets side by side inside these containers… making them perfect for these large warehouse and retail businesses.

Call Georgia Storage Containers today at (678) 829-5902 to speak with one of our container experts or simply fill out our free online quote request form.

20ft ISO Shipping Container

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20ft-storage-containerContainers are a standardized reusablesteel box” used for the safe, efficient and secure storage and movement of materials and products within a global containerized intermodal freight transport system. “Intermodal” implies that the container can be moved from one mode of transport to another without unloading and reloading the contents of the container.

The standardized steel shipping container has its origins in the 1950’s when commercial shipping operators and the US military started developing such units. ISO Standards for containers were published between 1968 and 1970.

A typical 20ft shipping container or 20’ storage container is 8’W x 8’6”H. They are constructed of corrugated steel panels (usually COR-TEN steel). COR-TEN steel is made up of a group of steel alloys. It was developed to eliminate the need for painting, and form a stable rust-like appearance if exposed to the weather for several years. They have lockable double cargo doors on one end as well as 1-1/8” thick marine plywood flooring. Get a free Quote.

There are variations of 20ft shipping containers or 20’ storage containers as well. Some are equipped with double cargo doors at both ends. Some are taller than the standard 8’6”H. They are referred to as “high cube” containers. The “high cube” containers are 9’6”H. They are not as readily available as the standard height containers. There are also 20’ containers that are referred to as “open top” containers and “open side” containers. The “open top” containers literally have no roof. The usually have a tarp that covers the opening that can be secured to the top of the container. The “open side” containers have doors on one or both sidewalls. They are not very common.

The 20ft shipping containers or 20’ storage containers usually remain in shipping service (internationally) for about 7-10 years. When they come out of shipping service, they are utilized for a multitude of applications in the aftermarket. The most common use is general storage. They are very often seen at construction job sites, retail businesses and residences. They are easily maneuverable and can fit in a standard parking space. Some of the more creative uses include repurposing the containers for commercial use, office space, hunting camps, storm shelters and housing to name a few. Containers are usually available in most port areas as well as many inland areas throughout the country. Containers come in many sizes. However, the 20’ container is one of the more versatile sizes available.

Feel free to contact us for a free quote.

Mini-Storage vs Portable Storage

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Exploring your options for additional storage? One option is to rent space at a mini storage warehouse. Another more convenient option is to purchase a storage container or shipping container. Buying a storage container or shipping container for additional storage is not for everyone. However, there are many advantages to owning “on-site” storage as opposed to renting space in a mini storage warehouse.

Storage containers and shipping containers are a very secure means of storage. They are constructed of 14 gauge corrugated steel and have lockable double doors at one end of the container. For additional security a “lockbox” can be installed on the entry doors that will cover and protect your lock. While a mini storage warehouse may have fencing around the entire property, there are many other renters with access to the property as well. Most mini storage warehouses utilize a roll up door as the entry point. A very similar roll up door can be installed in a storage container or shipping container. However, the lockable double doors that come standard on a storage container or shipping container offer a more secure access point than a standard mini storage roll up door.

Aside from security, another major advantage to utilizing a storage container or shipping container is convenience. One of the downsides to off-site mini storage is the limited hours in which you are able to access your storage unit. By owning an “on-site” storage container or shipping container, you have access to your valuables at your convenience.

Storage containers and shipping containers are available in various sizes depending on your individual storage needs. The two most common sizes are 20′ shipping containers and 40ft shipping containers. Both are 8ft wide x 8ft 6in tall. Depending on how long you plan to store your items, purchasing a storage container or shipping container can be more cost effective than renting mini storage space.

Buying a storage container or shipping container is a smart investment with a long return. However, if you decide that you no longer need your container, companies who specialize in the sale of storage containers and shipping containers (like Container Technology, Inc.) are always interested in buying them back. If you’re looking for additional long term storage, a storage container or shipping container is a great option. They are safe, secure, convenient and are comparable in price (if not more cost effective) to all other forms of storage.

International vs. Domestic Shipping Containers

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An international shipping container looks like and is constructed very similarly to a domestic shipping container. They are made of corrugated steel panels, have lockable double doors and hardwood flooring on the interior. Domestic shipping containers are not typically utilized for international shipping because of their size. The vessels used to transport containers overseas are constructed to handle twenty-foot equivalent units or TEUs. A 20ft international shipping container is one (1) TEU and a 40ft international shipping container is (2) TEU. The majority of international shipping containers are 20ft and 40ft in length. The idea is to get as many containers as possible on a vessel when transporting cargo.

Domestic shipping containers are usually 48ft and 53ft long. In addition to the length domestic shipping containers are also wider than international shipping containers. Domestic containers are 8ft 6in wide, whereas all of the 20ft and 40ft international shipping containers are 8ft wide.

The container ships are able to handle far more 20ft and 40ft international containers than the 48ft and 53ft domestic containers. In turn this allows for more cargo to be transported overseas. You will primarily see the 48ft and 53ft domestic containers utilized for over the road or rail purposes.

Often times, cargo coming into the U.S. is trans-loaded from 20ft and 40ft international containers to 48ft or 53ft domestic containers in order to be railed to inland locations. The reverse also occurs when export cargo is trans-loaded from domestic containers to international containers for loading on a shipping vessel.

Whether a container is used for international shipping or for domestic purposes, many of them are utilized in the aftermarket. They are mainly used for on-site storage. However, containers are also being converted into mobile offices, storm shelters, mini storage units, residences and much more.

1001 Storage Container Uses

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Shipping container, storage container, cargo container, conex box, intermodal container, pod…all of these terms refer to one of the most versatile products out there. Have you ever thought of utilizing a shipping container for something other than storage purposes? While they provide an inexpensive solution for on-site storage, they can also be used for various other applications.

A shipping container’s life begins in the manufacturing plant, typically in China. Most shipping containers are then utilized for international shipping service. However some of them come to the states as “one-trippers”. A “one-trip” container is not utilized for international shipping service. It is loaded and shipped to the states one time (hence the name “one-tripper”). Once a shipping container lives out its life in shipping service (typically 7-12 years) or comes over as a “one-tripper”, it is then sold to wholesalers, distributors, and end users.

What happens to a shipping container after it comes out of service? That’s where we come in. As a wholesaler/distributor we sell the containers to the end user. We sell them to be utilized for on-site storage purposes. We also sell them to other businesses in the storage industry who utilize them for resale or rental purposes.

In many cases, shipping containers are used for a wide variety of applications other than storage. This is what makes a shipping container so versatile. We receive inquiries on a daily basis from customers that want to convert containers into field offices, mobile workshops, mini storage, retail space, bunk houses for hunting camps, storm shelters, specialized equipment modules, research labs and even residences.

Shipping containers are one of the most rigidly built structures in the world. They are constructed of 1.6MM corrugated steel panels throughout as well as solid marine plywood floors. Shipping containers offer the perfect medium and can be modified into a variety of configurations.

The bottom line is, while shipping containers are great for storage…they are also versatile! With a little creativity and the experienced people (that’s us) to make your vision become a reality, the possibilities are endless.

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