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Portable Shipping Container Office

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If you’re looking to create office space at a job site, a modified shipping container is an excellent option. Shipping container offices are portable, comfortable, durable and cost effective.

Built to travel around the world, storage containers for sale are designed to be easily transported and withstand all weather conditions. If your office space needs are temporary, a container is the perfect solution. In most cases you can avoid the difficult permitting process, as well as the prohibitive cost of building a permanent structure. Plus, a portable shipping container office can be moved to another job site if needed. These modified units have become increasingly popular for construction sites, properties under remodel, sales offices and many more work sites.

Container modifications are required to build a comfortable space for employees to work. Creating a shipping container office can be a lot cheaper than building a structure from the ground up. All sizes of containers can be transformed into an office with several modifications available. The most commonly used unit, a 20ft shipping container, can fit in a single parking space.  They can be outfitted with all the necessary amenities of an office into a compact space.

Adding a personnel door on one of the long sides will create easy access. Windows and skylights are inexpensive ways to bring natural light into a container. Heating, ventilating, and air condition systems can be installed to keep staff comfortable while working inside the container office. Extra lighting and electric outlets can also be added to create the ideal workspace. To protect valuables inside and maintain general safety, additional security features are available as well.  If you would like to speak with us one on one, a container specialist is standing by to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to call us today at (678) 829-5902 or complete an online quote request.

How to Open and Close Shipping Container Doors

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Whether using shipping containers for sale or a shipping container rental, knowing the proper way to open and close the doors is important. Understanding how the doors are built and a couple key steps to opening them will help. If the shipping container hasn’t arrived yet, preparing the location of the unit will avoid a ton of headaches. 

Level Land is Key

Before the storage container arrives, make sure the land is level. If the unit is dropped on an uneven surface, you’ll probably still be able to open the doors. However, closing them could be very difficult or not possible at all.  Placing a shipping container on a level, hard-packed surface like concrete, asphalt or gravel is ideal. If dropping a unit on grass or dirt, level that area as much as possible. Wood blocks under the container are always a good solution if you must place a container on uneven land. You may only need to level or shim up a corner(s) by an inch or two.

Before opening the doors, look at the black rubber gasket/seal around the perimeter of each door. That black line should be straight across the top. If one side is higher than the other, the container is most likely unlevel or “racked.” If the gasket is lined up, the shipping container is probably level and the doors should open and close without issues.

Steps to Open

Shipping container sizes can vary and operating the doors of a shipping container may seem easy.  However, injuries can occur when people use wrong techniques. 

Open the right-hand door first and follow these 3 steps:

  1. Rotate and lift the handle hinges upward. Pull the handles up, then rotate them out and towards you or away from you (depending on the container) so they are perpendicular to the face of the door.
  2. This rotates the long vertical silver poles called locking rods that are attached to both handles and the cam keepers.
  3. The cam keepers lock the top and bottom of the doors. Rotating the handle disengages those keepers and breaks the seal. The doors are now ready to open…simply pull. 

With some practice, opening a shipping container door becomes easier. 

Common Problems

Uneven surface, rusted door seals, torn or damaged gaskets, and uneven distribution of stored items are issues that can cause difficulty opening and closing doors.

When loading a container, pay attention to how the load is distributed throughout the container.  If the doors are difficult to close after the container is loaded, check how the stored items are distributed and move some items around to prevent any potential issues.

If the stored items are evenly distributed and you are still having trouble with the doors, check the corners of the container. Corners sinking in grass or dirt are a common problem when extra weight is added. In this case, shim up those corners until the container is level again. 

Depending on the condition of the unit, a shipping container may have some wear and tear from traveling around the world or withstanding extreme weather. Rust or warping of doors and lockrods may cause the container frame to be racked, preventing the gears from working correctly. 

If you would like to speak with us one on one, a container specialist is standing by to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to call us today at (678) 829-5902 or complete an online quote request.

High Cube Container vs Standard Storage Container

By May 22nd, 2020 About Containers No Comments
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Whether buying or renting a shipping container, many consider a high cube container over a standard height storage container. Built from the same Corten Steel material, both standard and high cube containers are strong, durable, and useful. Depending on the intended use of the unit, a high cube container provides some advantages. Let’s look at the differences between the two shipping container rental options. 

Standard Containers:

Standard shipping containers are the most popular portable storage solution.  They come in various sizes, conditions, and door configurations. Regardless of grade or length, the standard container height is 8’6” on the exterior. Unless a different height is stated, most containers are standard height. Any business or individual looking for secure storage space can use standard shipping containers for sale

High Cube Containers:

A High Cube (HC) container is 1’ (a foot) taller than a standard height container. The extra foot of vertical space makes a big difference for stacking products or storing large items. The additional height also creates more opportunities for conversions and modifications. Structures made of containers like portable offices, storm shelters or field labs, are often made with high cube containers. 40’ High Cube containers are the most common size, but these units are also available in 20’, 40’, 45’ and 53’ lengths. To discuss shipping container dimensions and to determine the right container for your storage needs, a specialist at Georgia Storage Containers is ready to answer any questions. Feel free to call us today at (678) 829-5902 or complete an online quote request.

Container Rentals for Temporary Surplus

By April 16th, 2020 About Containers No Comments
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The Coronavirus has hit the entire country very hard. Many businesses in Atlanta have excess supplies or goods and not enough storage space on-site.  Let the team at Georgia Storage Containers assist you with a container rental for any surplus you might have.

Our storage container rentals come in a range of sizes from 10’ to 53’ in length.  

If you are a small business or space is limited on-site, you may consider going with one of our 10’ rental containers or 20’ rental containers.  Either size can be maneuvered into tighter areas and will fit in a parking space. They are delivered on a smaller roll back truck and only require about 75’ (in a straight line) for them to be placed accurately.

Our 40’ rental containers are recommended for bulk storage.  They are also a great option if your items are oversized.  

If you are in need of something even larger, our 48’ rental containers and 53’ rental containers are the answer.  The 48’s and 53’s are 1’ taller & 6” wider than the 40’ containers.  It may not sound like much of a difference. However, when factoring in the extra width/height, you gain an additional 45%-55% more space respectively.  

The larger containers are delivered on a longer tilt bed style trailer.  You’ll need at least 125’ (in a straight line) for the unit to be positioned on-site.

Georgia Storage Container is a member of the Container Alliance Partnership offering portable storage containers for sale as well as shipping containers for rent across north America, for more information visit Container Alliance.

Give us a call at (678) 829-5902 with any questions or fill out an online quote.  The team at Georgia Storage Containers is standing by, to assist you with your on-site storage needs.

Renting A Container For Your Business

By February 22nd, 2020 About Containers No Comments
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When it comes to making your business successful, it’s imperative to keep the right product on hand at the right time. Depending on your business and the product, you may need to carry more inventory during certain times of the year. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Running out of something that your customers demand is never a good thing. 

If your storage needs are constantly changing or if you just need more space during peak times, look no further than a shipping container. Renting a container may just solve your storage dilemma. At Georgia Storage Containers, we have many options to meet your storage requirements.

If you have limited space on-site, consider going with a smaller container. We offer both 10’ Containers and 20’ Containers. They are an excellent option and will fit in a standard parking space. For businesses with large scale storage needs, we offer larger containers as well. These sizes range from 40’ Containers’, 45’ Containers, 48’ Containers and up to 53’ Containers. These are ideal for maximizing any extra inventory, ensuring you have on-site access to your product at any time.

All of the containers are constructed of corrugated steel panels, marine plywood flooring and lockable double doors with a high-security lockbox.  

If you are unsure about the duration and you don’t want to be tied to a container indefinitely, then renting is definitely the way to go.  If you purchase one and then don’t need it for whatever reason, you’re stuck trying to get rid of it. With a rental container, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting rid of it when you don’t need it anymore.  Just call us and we’ll come and pick it up.

Give the team at Georgia Storage Containers a call at (678) 829-5902 or submit an online quote. We’re happy to help you find the right rental container for your on-site storage needs.  

53’ Rental Containers

By February 5th, 2020 About Containers No Comments
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Do you have large scale storage needs?  If so, you may be able to get by with a 40’, 45’, or 48’ Container.  However, if none of these are big enough…Look no further than the 53’ High Cube Container. These containers are the largest in the fleet and in production. 

The 53’ containers were originally used for domestic rail transport, rather than ocean transport. This is the reason the dimensions are slightly different than a standard shipping container (used for ocean transport). While still providing ground-level access, this container has interior dimensions of 52’5”L x 8’2”W x 8’11”H. This added width and height allow you to fit 26 single-stacked pallets and 52 double-stacked pallets in this container. That’s 55% more interior storage than its 40’ counterpart!

48' Container Lease

These unique, over-sized containers are great for short or long term rentals.  They can even be modified or converted to meet your specific storage requirements.  You are sure to get your money’s worth with a container this large. Give Georgia Storage Containers a call at (678) 829-5902 or fill out an online quote to get one of these units delivered directly to your location.

Storage for 2020

By December 18th, 2019 About Containers No Comments
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Most New Year’s resolutions often revolve around improving your body and mind. However, one facet that is often overlooked is improving your living situation. This can be achieved by utilizing on-site storage. Why wait when you can get a jump on Spring cleaning. Here are a few ways that renting a storage container can start 2020 off on the right foot.


Leave the stress of the holidays and 2019 behind you. Whether you just want to pack away excess decorations, organize your warehouse/shop or make more room for new inventory for your retail business, an on-site storage container is always a great option. Our rental containers come in a range of sizes from 10’ up to 53’ in size. They are all constructed of 14-gauge steel and come with a high-security lock box so you can be sure that your valuables are safe and secure. 10’ and 20’ containers are perfect for limited space applications. If you have a large project or business in need of storage the 40’, 45’, 48’ and 53’ rentals are more than large enough to cover virtually any need.

We also have Easy Access Modular Rentals.  They are available in 16’ and 20’ options. These steel/aluminum containers come standard with a roll-up door. These are especially helpful when you don’t have room for swinging doors or you just want a quick easy solution for entering your container.

Flexible Timeline:

The best advantage of all George Storage Containers rentals is that they can be used for short or long term durations. We can provide you with a container for a limited time or an open-ended long term period.  We have decades of experience in the rental industry. You can always fill out an online quote or give us a call at (678) 829-5902 and our knowledgeable staff will help you find the right rental container or trailer to fit your needs.


Renting a Container for Holiday Storage

By November 12th, 2019 About Containers No Comments
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The holiday season is all about excess. More food, drinks, company, and gifts. But what do you do when you run out of storage space? Georgia Storage Containers has a container for virtually any need you might have. 

10ft Container Rentals & 20ft Container Rentals

These containers are a great solution for storage on your property with tight spaces. They can be utilized to hide presents from the kids or for extra holiday decorations.  These smaller containers are a great solution for temporary storage purposes. The best part is they have a very small footprint so they can be positioned on a driveway. 

20' Container Lease

40ft Container Rentals45ft Container Rentals48ft Container Rentals53ft Container Rentals

These containers are ideal for businesses that require large scale seasonal storage.  They can accommodate 18+ pallets of product. Like the smaller units, these containers all have a security lockbox and easy-open door handle.  The larger containers are also available in a 

“high cube version as well.  This means they are a foot taller than a standard height container.  The extra height gives you the flexibility to stack your product or items that are oversized.  If your business stocks extra products during the holiday season, one of our larger containers may be just what you need to get you by.    

40' Container Lease

Call us today at (678) 829-5902 and speak with our team regarding your storage needs.  Let us help you find the right holiday storage solution. You can also submit an online quote and one of us will be happy to send you additional information and pricing.

Caring For Your Shipping Container

By October 9th, 2019 About Containers No Comments
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Shipping containers are typically placed outdoors and are exposed to the elements.  Over the course of several years, your container may show signs of wear and tear. They tend to develop rust, dents, and other signs of fatigue due to habitual use. Here are a few of the problems that can happen and how you can help prevent them.

Surface Rust:

This is the number one natural enemy of a container. Although these are corten steel and incredibly durable, over time the paint degrades and rust occurs. Climate is a huge factor that can cause this issue. 

By monitoring rust spots and properly caring for them you can ensure your container will last for years to come. Any grinding or buffing of rust spots over time will keep your container in good shape. It is important to primer these areas before painting. Most rust is just cosmetic and does not cause any structural damage. 

Undercarriage Moisture:

While rust is often visible on the sides of the container, it is important to think about the underside of the container as well.  Once the container is delivered, there’s not much you can do about this after the fact. You definitely want to be thinking about the placement of the container, prior to it being delivered.  

If possible, you want to place the container on a hard-packed surface that drains well.  However, we realize this is not always an option. If the container is being placed on grass or dirt, we recommend that the container is slightly elevated.  Railroad ties or landscape timbers are a great option. Preventing water from pooling under your container will ensure that it lasts the test of time!  

General inspections:

We guarantee that our containers are delivered in wind & watertight condition.  However, you always want to perform an inspection of your container (upon delivery), to make sure your expectations are met regarding the condition of the unit. If you are interested in a container or just have general questions, please feel free to give us a call today at (678) 829-5902 or complete an online quote request on our website – Georgia Storage Containers

Storage Containers – Long Term Rental vs Purchasing

By August 2nd, 2019 About Containers No Comments
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There are many factors to consider when faced with the decision of renting or buying a container. The decision is a pretty easy one when your storage needs are short term (maybe a couple of months).  Renting is definitely the way to go. However, if you are planning on keeping it for a year or more, the decision can be a little trickier.  You may want to purchase, as the cost of rental fees (over time) might outweigh the purchase price. Here are some areas that might help you with that decision.


The most obvious and important concern when choosing whether to rent or buy is the cost. If you simply need a container for a couple of months, renting is always the quick and economic solution. When renting for longer than a year, purchasing a container may be a cheaper option.  When renting, you will pay both delivery and pick up charges.  If you buy one, you will only pay the delivery fee. Be sure to consider the trucking charges, when determining if renting or purchasing is the better option.  We can help you calculate the cost between the two if you’re on the fence about your decision.  


If you are unsure about the duration and you don’t want to be tied to a container indefinitely, then renting takes all the stress of commitment away.  If you purchase one and then don’t need it for whatever reason, you’re stuck trying to get rid of it. With a rental container, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting rid of it when you don’t need it anymore.  Just call us and we’ll come and pick it up.


All of our rental containers are in excellent condition. They have been refurbished (exterior has been repainted) and come standard with a lockbox. Containers that we have available for sale, have the original paint from the manufacturer.  Those colors can vary, as well as the condition of the container. If you are concerned about the condition of the container, renting may be your best bet. However, if aesthetics are not your concern, purchasing a used container can be an economical choice, especially if your storage needs are indefinite.  Whichever way you go, both our rental containers and our sale containers are wind & watertight. Your belongings will be secure and protected from the elements. We also have easy access modular rentals if the corrugated steel is not an option for you. 

Containers are available in several sizes.  The smallest size we offer is a 10’ container.  From there, they go up in size to 20’ containers and 40’ containers.  The size you choose will depend on how much space you have on-site and how much you have to store.  We also offer larger 53’ containers to accommodate large-scale storage needs.  

As always, these are just guidelines for making your decision. Call (678) 829-5902 to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members.  We are happy to assist you in determining which option is best suited for you!  You are welcome to complete an online quote request as well.

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