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Call Us: Atlanta (678) 829-5902


We understand that the contents inside your container can be very valuable. We want to help you keep those items safe and secure. A standard container comes equipped with two locking handles on each door. The locking handles each have a clasp, leaving your lock exposed. We offer several different locks that are available for rent or purchase. We also offer a heavy duty ramp, allowing for easy loading and unloading of your items. All of our containers are equipped with some standard features detailed below as well.

Heavy Duty Cargo Door Lock

“Heavy Duty Cargo Door Lock” (manufactured by The Equipment Lock Company™) – It is 2-piece lock that clamps over the inner locking rods. It is comprised of heavy duty steel tubing. The actual locking mechanism is contained inside the lock itself. Each lock comes with two keys. Available for rent or purchase.

Lock Box

Our “Lock Box” is fabricated right in our shop. This is a standard feature on all of our containers and no additional cost to you! It’s a steel box that is welded directly to the container doors. It allows you to place a padlock inside the box. The padlock is not visible and is protected against being removed with bolt cutters. We recommend you utilize this security feature to ensure that your valuables stay safe. Also pictured here is our “easy open” door handle. The door handle is a standard feature on all of our containers.

Standard Padlock

Standard Padlock – This padlock has a longer shank. We recommend you use this type of lock on our “Lock Box”. The longer shank allows you to clip it underneath our “Lock Box” much easier than a lock with a shorter shank. The standard padlock is available for purchase and comes with two keys.

Security Padlock

Security Padlock or “Disc Lock” – This type of lock is much better suited to be exposed. It has a very small shank that turns inside the actual lock. The “disc lock” will not work with our “Lock Box”; however it works very well on the clasp of the locking handles. The security padlock is available for purchase comes with two keys.

Loading Ramp

Loading Ramp – The ramp is made of heavy duty plastic and can withstand up to 750 lbs. It weighs only 25 lbs and is easily moved into and out of position. It lays right on top of the locking cams at the door opening, bridging the 6 in gap between the ground and the container floor. The ramp is 35 in wide, making it easy to roll carts and dollies in and out of your container. Available for rent or purchase.

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