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Storage Containers for Boats and Recreational Vehicles Renting a portable storage unit is a convenience that has only surfaced within recent years. It is now possible to store seasonal items such as boats, motorcycles, classic or collector cars, trucks, tractors or farming machinery and ATV’s.  You may also consider storing personal items when relocating during a move.  A storage container provides additional storage which homes or apartments may not posses. Even though renting a storage container is easy to do, you should always be informed before doing so. Georgia Storage Containers is happy to assist you with this task.

We offer different size storage containers depending on your needs and budget:

You can have a storage unit delivered to your home and store your items on-site. This may be particularly convenient if your storage needs are only short-term, especially for relocation.  On site portable storage doesn’t just offer solutions for storing standard items, but can also be a cost effective and secure way of storing recreational vehicles, boats or any other type of vehicle in general. This solution will suit virtually any type of recreational vehicle and is primarily used for the following:

  • Boats
  • Race cars / Classic cars
  • Trailers
  • Motor homes
  • RV’s
  • Motorcycles
  • ATV

Conduct your storage unit search with this storage solution website.  It serves to help you collect information about renting or leasing mobile shipping and storage containers. Renting or leasing is a great cost effective way of gaining access to a portable storage container without spending thousands of dollars up front.  If you are not sure how your neighbors or municipalities are going to react to the presence of your storage container, we would strongly recommend renting rather than purchasing a container. The cost of renting a container to be used for a short period of time is much more economical than purchasing your storage or shipping container. Georgia Storage Containers will also take care of delivering and picking up your unit.  You do not need to worry about finding a new home for your container if it turns out that it cannot stay on-site.  Here is a Buying versus Renting quick check point list to help answer more of your questions as to which solution is best for your needs.

Buying may work best when you:

  • Plan to keep your belongings for a long period of time
  • Do not anticipate moving it to a different location
  • Have the up-front capital to pay for the container
  • Plan on keeping your recreational toys for a long time

Renting may work best when you:

  • Do not plan on keeping your storage container for a long time
  • Anticipate needing to move from one location to another
  • Want to keep your working capital available for other things

No matter what you decide, Georgia Storage Containers will work with you to get you the storage container that fits your needs. We offer rental and sales to Atlanta and all other areas throughout the state of Georgia.

Call Georgia Storage Containers at (678) 829-5902 or fill out a simple storage container form detailing your storage container needs. One of our expert storage container specialists will get back to you with pricing.

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