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High Cube Container vs Standard Storage Container

By May 22nd, 2020 About Containers No Comments

Whether buying or renting a shipping container, many consider a high cube container over a standard height storage container. Built from the same Corten Steel material, both standard and high cube containers are strong, durable, and useful. Depending on the intended use of the unit, a high cube container provides some advantages. Let’s look at the differences between the two shipping container rental options. 

Standard Containers:

Standard shipping containers are the most popular portable storage solution.  They come in various sizes, conditions, and door configurations. Regardless of grade or length, the standard container height is 8’6” on the exterior. Unless a different height is stated, most containers are standard height. Any business or individual looking for secure storage space can use standard shipping containers for sale

High Cube Containers:

A High Cube (HC) container is 1’ (a foot) taller than a standard height container. The extra foot of vertical space makes a big difference for stacking products or storing large items. The additional height also creates more opportunities for conversions and modifications. Structures made of containers like portable offices, storm shelters or field labs, are often made with high cube containers. 40’ High Cube containers are the most common size, but these units are also available in 20’, 40’, 45’ and 53’ lengths. To discuss shipping container dimensions and to determine the right container for your storage needs, a specialist at Georgia Storage Containers is ready to answer any questions. Feel free to call us today at (678) 829-5902 or complete an online quote request.

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