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Call Us: Atlanta (678) 829-5902

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Container Rentals for Temporary Surplus

By April 16th, 2020 About Containers No Comments

The Coronavirus has hit the entire country very hard. Many businesses in Atlanta have excess supplies or goods and not enough storage space on-site.  Let the team at Georgia Storage Containers assist you with a container rental for any surplus you might have.

Our storage container rentals come in a range of sizes from 10’ to 53’ in length.  

If you are a small business or space is limited on-site, you may consider going with one of our 10’ rental containers or 20’ rental containers.  Either size can be maneuvered into tighter areas and will fit in a parking space. They are delivered on a smaller roll back truck and only require about 75’ (in a straight line) for them to be placed accurately.

Our 40’ rental containers are recommended for bulk storage.  They are also a great option if your items are oversized.  

If you are in need of something even larger, our 48’ rental containers and 53’ rental containers are the answer.  The 48’s and 53’s are 1’ taller & 6” wider than the 40’ containers.  It may not sound like much of a difference. However, when factoring in the extra width/height, you gain an additional 45%-55% more space respectively.  

The larger containers are delivered on a longer tilt bed style trailer.  You’ll need at least 125’ (in a straight line) for the unit to be positioned on-site.

Georgia Storage Container is a member of the Container Alliance Partnership offering portable storage containers for sale as well as shipping containers for rent across north America, for more information visit Container Alliance.

Give us a call at (678) 829-5902 with any questions or fill out an online quote.  The team at Georgia Storage Containers is standing by, to assist you with your on-site storage needs.